Campus Walk Team Central

  Welcome to Team Central, your hub for resources exclusive for Out of the Darkness Campus Walk Teams!

 Starting a Campus Walk Team

 The different kinds of Campus Walks Teams:

  • Friends and Family Teams

  • School/Club Teams 

  • Company Teams


 To start a team it only takes one person who will register as a Team Captain

 The Team Captain is the team member who can contact the other team members through their account, as well as update and edit  the team page.

 Team Name and Goal - be sure to have a team name ready when registering for the walk, as well as a team goal! The goal can be  changed at any time by the team captain.

 Learn more about being a team captain HERE

 Team-Building Tools and Ideas

 The larger the Campus Walks teams are, the more we can bring support to our schools and communities. Here are some tools to  kick-start your team-building, and to bring more walkers to your team:

  • Team Page — your team's message and roster on the Campus Walk website. You can use it to recruit new members with the page link. Team Captains can log into their account to edit the team page, add a customized message and photo, email team members, and track recruiting and fundraising. 

  • Sample Messages — we wrote some sample team messages that the captain can use to invite friends, family, fellow students, teachers, coaches and coworkers to join your Campus Walk team. 






Create custom Walk day team shirts! Click HERE to get started!

Click HERE for instructions and the steps to make sure the funds go to your team and Walk


 Fundraising as a Team

  • Team Page — Every team member should update and personalize their fundraising page when they log into their walk account, and should send their own emails through the account to fundraise. 

  • Sample Fundraising Messages — we wrote sample fundraising messages that are already in your account, BUT feel free to customize your messages to make them more personal!

  • About Team Donations — Donations cannot be made to a team. Donations can only go toward an individual walker. Each walker's fundraising total goes toward the team total. 

  • T-Shirts - Each individual walker who raises $100 or more will receive a free t-shirt at the walk. Many teams have their own shirts made prior to the walk.  

  • Get some more fundraising ideas with the Know Your Networks Infographic

 If you have questions about teams, feel free to contact us